Black Grouper

With a more pronounced flavor than the red grouper, the black grouper has white flesh with a mild to sweet flavor and a lean, firm, flaky texture. The Black Grouper commands a higher price than the Red due to its higher yield and more distinctive flavor. The flesh is considered to be good eating but not in the same class as the Red and Nassau Grouper. The Black Grouper reaches weights of over 100 pounds but is most often found in the 10 to 20 pound range. The markings are blackish-brown base with rectangular dark blotches over the body and irregular pale lines resembling a chain like pattern. These Grouper are taken from the shallow reefs off the east coast around the southern Florida coast, into the Gulf of Mexico and south to Brazil. Tasty Seafood Co. sources Grouper from Panama. Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala. The Black Grouper appears as an incidental catch of the snapper fishery. Black grouper are born female, but some transform into males when they are large enough. These fish can live for more than 30 years, though most are caught before reaching that age. Adult black groupers feed on fish, while juveniles primarily eat crustaceans. Larger black grouper are preyed upon by sharks, including the sandbar shark and the great hammerhead. Smaller grouper are preyed upon by other groupers and moray eels.