About Us

Tasty Seafood is a worldwide seafood import business based in Marion, Massachusetts. We import the freshest and highest quality fish and seafood and distribute throughout the United States and Canada from our distribution center in Miami, Florida. Right from the beginning, from the first customer order in 1992 to our current worldwide seafood import business, our focus has been on providing the best in customer satisfaction for our products and services. We share our motto, “Home of the Happy Fish,” because that is what we want our customers to be, happy with the experience of doing business with us at Tasty Seafood. You will find we have one of the largest varieties of seafood available, making it easy for you to handle all of your fresh and frozen seafood import needs from one supplier. We are a family formed company, with company President and co-founder, Peter Levine, having more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. Our experience combines seafood purchasing, sales, importing and shipping. This industry experience and knowledge allows us to bring to our customers the best quality and freshest seafood available at the most competitive prices. Our warehouse, preparation and shipping facility is located in Miami, Florida. This key Miami location, 5 minutes from Miami International Airport, means we have the most efficient transportation for both air and ground shipments so our customers receive the freshest quality seafood available. Our main sales office and corporate headquarters are in Marion, Massachusetts. The team maintains a balance offering efficient administration, friendly and knowledgeable staff and the best in seafood distribution services. See our schedule for daily delivery times. We are proud of the commitment and expertise of The Tasty employees. From sales, purchasing, and the administrative staff in our Marion office, to our plant manager, processing, and shipping staff in Miami, the staff are some of the best in the industry. They take pride in their work and make customer service a priority. We follow the strictest guidelines when it comes to seafood handling and expect all of our suppliers to do the same. We welcome periodic inspection by the FDA, and are Tasty Seafood Application HACCP compliant, meaning we comply with a strict set of regulations implemented by the Federal Government to ensure the freshness of the seafood. The quality of our seafood is the best available. The distributors selling our products are the best in the country and provide seafood to the finest restaurants, hotels, grocery chains and other establishments nationwide.